WS WAVE - SMI Package

The Storage Management Initiative (SMI) is an initiative created by the SNIA to develop and standardize interoperable storage management technologies and aggressively promote them to the storage, networking and end-user communities. The technical foundation of the Storage Management Initiative is the Storage Management Initiative - Specification (SMI-S). The SMI-Specification standardizes and streamlines storage management functions and features into a common set of tools that address the day-to-day tasks of the IT environment.

The WS WBEM Agent Validation Environment (WAVE) for SMI Initiative Package includes all of the standard WAVE features and reports as well as SMI specific test for the following:

Initiative Version Protocol Autonomous Profiles Component Profiles
SMI 1.3.0 Server
  • Indication
  • Object Manager Adapter
  • Profile Registration Profile
  • Access Points
  • ATA Initiator Ports
  • Block Server Performance
  • Block Services
  • Block Storage Views
  • Copy Services
  • Device Credentials
  • Disk Drive Lite
  • Disk Sparing
  • Erasure
  • Extent Composition
  • FC Initiator Ports
  • FC Target Ports
  • Health
  • Indication
  • iSCSI Target Ports
  • Job Control
  • Location
  • Masking and Mapping
  • Multiple Computer System
  • Physical Package
  • SAS Initiator Ports
  • Software
  • Storage Element Protection
  • Storage Server Asymmetry
  • Volume Composition

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