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DMTF Policies

Every organization should have a set of Operating Policies to use as a guide to running their operations. The DMTF is no exception and has made public the information on the technology adoption process, how to gain access to the various DMTF committees, and policies regarding privacy and the distribution of other information.


The bylaws define the purpose of the organization, the principal office of the corporation, the members, directors, officers, and conflicts of interest.

Committee / Information Access

An overview of DMTF committees and organization, working groups, the voting process, and access policy.

Patent Policy

Instructions and rules dictating submittals to the DMTF for consideration of a patent.

Press Release Policy

Policy regarding joint press releases and supporting quotes; what may be requested, requirements, the approval process for each.

Privacy Policy

The DMTF's policy on the collection of personal data, domain information, cookies, security, and disclosure.

Release Process

Details the process of releasing DMTF specifications and schema. The release process is five phases, from development, comment, review, and preliminary and final standards. Also details the numbering and errata methods.

Member Rules of Conduct

A DMTF objective is also to position its members as leaders in the management community. These guidelines will help the DMTF supply its members with quality public relations opportunities while strengthening, clarifying, and protecting DMTF initiatives, specifications, and standards. 

Technology Adoption Policy

Rules dictating new technology adoption: instructions for submittal of new technology, possible courses of action, press release/resubmit options.

If you have questions after reading the information here, please contact .  If you want additional information on any of the above polices, please refer to the DMTF web site Operating Policies page.