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DMTF Working Groups & Committes

DMTF Board

The DMTF Board is responsible for the overall direction, strategy and activity of the DMTF, including managing DMTF finances, approving technical and marketing initiatives and leading DMTF committee work.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee communicates with the industry, the public, and members about the activities of the organization. The working groups listed below are overseen by the Marketing Committee.

Marketing Committee Working Groups

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee develops standards and initiatives for the DMTF and is responsible for coordinating all the technical activities of the DMTF including the Common Information Model (CIM), The Desktop Management Interface (DMI), the Directory Enabled networks (DEN) and the associated technologies required to deliver Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) to the industry. The Technical Committee oversees the working groups listed below.

Technical Committee Working Groups

Note: DMTF working groups are established and dissolved on an as-needed basis.

Workgroups List Updated September 29, 2003.

To learn more about either the Marketing Committee or the Technical Committee refer to the DMTF website.