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Distributed Management Task Force

The goal of this section is to introduce the DMTF, the DMTF organizational structure and the DMTF processes. This section will introduce the membership levels as well as the advantages and value of membership. Finally, it will describe how member and non-member companies can get involved, provide feedback, and ask for help.

DMTF Introduction

The DMTF is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral collaborative body that is leading the development, adoption and unification of management standards and initiatives for desktop, enterprise and internet environments. The DMTF is chartered to adopt, create and maintain the specifications and technologies that provide management tools with the ability to discover, deploy and control management data in a standard way.  Working with key technology vendors and affiliated standards groups, the DMTF is enabling a more integrated, cost-effective, and less crisis-driven approach to management through interoperable management solutions.

DMTF Mission Statement

To lead the development of management standards for distributed desktop, network, enterprise and internet environments.

DMTF Goals

  1. Accelerate adoption of management standards.
  2. Unify industry management initiatives.
  3. Promote interoperability among management solution providers.