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SMI Timeline



  • The Storage Management Initiative (SMI) was created by the SNIA in early 2002, code named “BlueFin” to develop and foster the adoption of a highly-functional open interface for the management of storage networks.
  • The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) is created to support the development and promotion of the industry's first standard interface for storage management.
  • SNIA holds CIM-SAN 1 and 2 Demos at Storage Networking World conferences (SNW). The CIM-SAN Initiative is based on the highly successful CIM-SAN-1 demonstration at the Storage Networking World conference in October 2002 where 17 vendors integrated 32 products creating 97 points of interoperability between those products. CIM-SAN-1 proved that CIM and WBEM technology could accelerate the development and integration of more functional network storage management products.
  • SMI-Lab is created (SMI-Lab1). The SMI-Lab program is an industry-wide collaborative program that helps companies accelerate the development and implementation of SMI-S based Client and Agent products from SNIA member companies. Additional information about SMI-Lab can be found in the SMI Lab section of this tutorial. 


  • The Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S 1.0) is publicly announced by the SNIA.
  • SMI-Lab2 is held to accelerate the development and implementation of SMI-S based Client and Agent products from SNIA member companies.
  • SNIA announces and creates the SNIA Conformance Test Program (CTP) consisting of master test suites that are developed, owned and operated by SNIA to ensure SMI implementations' conformance to the SMI-Specification.
  • SMI-S Developer training courses are created and offered to accelerate software development and implementation of the SMI-Specification.


  • SMI-Labs 3 and 4 are held to accelerate the development and implementation of SMI-S based Client and Agent products.
  • SNIA submits SMI-S 1.0.2 to the InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) for accreditation.
  • SMI-Lab 5 is held with 29 vendors implementing and validating conformance to SMI-S 1.0.2.
  • SMI-S 1.0.2 becomes an ANSI Standard. The name of the formal standard is ANSI INCITS 388-2004, American National Standard for Information Technology – Storage
  • Begin development of Client Conformance Testing by CTP in support of SMI-S 1.1.0
  • The SNIA announces the first round of products to have passed the CTP for the SMI-S 1.0.2 including over 100 products from 14 member companies.
  • Successful remote scripted demonstration between SMI-Lab 5 storage hardware hosted at the SNIA Tech Center in Colorado Springs and SMI Clients at SNW Europe.
  • Continued efforts to add functionality to SMI-Specification 1.1.0 including NAS, iSCSI, Policy and Host Discovered Resources.
  • Scoping of SMI-S 1.2 begins based on End-User requirements


  • SNIA submits SMI-S 1.0.2 to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • CTP begins conformance testing of SMI Clients.
  • SMI-Lab 6 expands to validate SMI-S 1.1.0 Client and Agent implementations.
  • Over 280 products from 18 SNIA Member companies are certified as conformant to SMI-S 1.0.2.
  • SNIA releases SMI-S 1.1.0 covering even more complex storage management including Storage Libraries, Copy Services, Disk partitioning, Provisioning and Switch port and firmware management.


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