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Executive Summary


The Storage Management Initiative (SMI) Developer Tutorial conveys information about the SNIA and the SMI. The tutorial introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts discussed in the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) 1.1.0. Reading this tutorial is by no means intended to be a replacement for reading the SMI-S 1.1.0. However, after completion, one will have sufficient knowledge of the organization of information in the SMI-S to more easily absorb its contents.

First, the tutorial provides background information about the SMI. It describes the motivation for its creation and outlines historical information about the SMI accomplishments since its inception. Next, because the SMI-S 1.1.0 is based upon the Common Information Model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM), the tutorial gives a quick summary of the basic concepts for these open standards technologies.

The tutorial explains the motivation for creating the SMI-S 1.1.0. It briefly describes the previous versions of the specification. Each of the SMI-S requirements are highlighted and explained. Next, the tutorial discusses how to read the SMI-S by describing the organization of information. Each major section in the specification is explained.

The contents of each Profile and Subprofile are summarized. The tutorial describes the purpose for each Profile or Subprofile. After reading each description, the reader will understand the major components that are managed. The tutorial also identifies the some of information that are exposed and the some of management operations that can be performed. However, to get information about all of the CIM elements in the Profile or Subprofile, one must read the SMI-S 1.1.0 in detail. The reader can easily navigate to the particular Profiles or Subprofiles of interest by traversing the navigation links at the top of the page

The final sections of the tutorial show the various resources that the reader can consult to find additional information. The last section is a list of questions and answers that will help to reinforce the information contained in the tutorial.


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