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Storage Management Initiative


History of Management Protocols | History of SMI

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) in 2002 created the Storage Management Initiative (SMI) to develop and foster the adoption of a highly-functional open interface for the management of storage networks.

Originally founded by several leading industry engineers and leaders, the SMI now consists of more than 50 member companies, a dozen individual contributors, plus hundreds of volunteers working across the SNIA organization.

Today, the SMI is governed by the SMI committee whose focus is to create open standards for networked storage management. This committee was chartered by the SNIA board of directors to oversee the efforts of multiple work groups, committees and forums of the SNIA.

As a vendor-neutral trade organization, the SNIA works in conjunction with its members to make storage networking technologies understandable, simpler to implement, easier to manage, and recognized as valued assets to the business process.

Supporting this vision, the key deliverable for the SMI is the development and promotion of the industry’s first standard interface for storage management – the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S).

Through the contributions of hundreds of engineers, vendors, end-users and industry partners in the SMI, the standard has been developed, tested and widely adopted as the industry’s core standard for storage management.

Delivering the standard has required the SMI to provide a comprehensive set of programs to educate developers as well as coordinate, test, and communicate the direction of the activities to participating companies. The initiative has multiple programs such as training, education and conformance testing, making the SMI-S much more than just an industry standard specification.

The SMI-Specification has been accredited by the INCITS ANSI fast track program and is the first specification to go through the accreditation process without dissenting comments from the reviewers. This is a testimony to the diligence performed by the SMI team in preparing the specification document for ratification. The name of the formal standard is ANSI INCITS 388-2004, American National Standard for Information Technology – Storage.


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