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SMI-S 1.1.0 Requirements


The goal of the SMI-S 1.1.0 is to achieve interoperability in a Storage Area Network (SAN) that is a heterogeneous environment of management applications, storage devices and storage systems. To achieve this goal, the SMI-S 1.1.0 specifies the use of open standards technologies as the foundation for the architecture. Specifically, the SMI-S 1.1.0 uses the following:

  • Common Information Model (CIM) - the data model that represents SAN resources and their information
  • Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) - the infrastructure that is used to exchange CIM data and to perform operations on CIM data
  • CIM-XML - the protocol used to exchange CIM data between a Client and WBEM Agent
  • xmlCIM - the specific encoding of CIM data into XML documents
  • Service Location Protocol (SLP) allows a Client to discover SMI Agents on a SAN and to determine their capabilities

CIM and WBEM have already been discussed in previous sections. The following sections will discuss CIM-XML, xmlCIM and SLP.


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